Technical support

Programming (automatisms) PLC and SCADAS: In addition to complete projects, we perform minor modifications or performance changes on automatisms of any brand. Updates due to lack of support or collaboration with mechanical companies and equipment builders.

We are experts in:
Siemens Simatic
· Step5 (amending old programs and converting from Step-5 to Step-7).
· Step7 (Step-7 domain and Graph- 7).
· ProTool, WinCC Flexible. Design of operator panels.
· WinCC (programming scripts in "C" and Visual Basic). Installation and implementation of optional packages such as User Archives, Log- On, WinCC Audit. To build recipe and batch management systems in accordance with FDA 21CFR Part1.

Rockwell - Allen Bradley
· PLC5 . Modification of old automatisms.
· SLC500 , Networks DH +, ControlNet, DeviceNet, Ethernet .
· Control Logix ( MicroLogix, CompactLogix, GuardLogix ), Motor Control
· Factory Talk View. Design of operator panel, SCADAS.

Set up, fine tuning and maintenance: We have experts in electricity, automation, electromechanics, pneumatics, etc. . We collaborate in maintenance and development tasks for tuning up machines and production lines, both manufacturing or packaging. Also in the facility areas, for example, controls of: water loop (purified, refrigerated, etc. ), steam, automatic lighting, temperature, etc.

Equipments validation: Drafting and executing protocols IQ -OQ

Engineering of Safety machines. Studies based on conformity and machine safety standard ISO - 13849. Determination of PL (performance level) obtained by "SYSTEM" tool (IFA ).

CE Certification: Documentation and certification of equipments.

Installations: Projects of high, medium and low voltage. Distribution installations, substations and transformer substations, overhead and underground lines, connecting equipment installations. Performing installations in hazardous areas (Ex).