In our blog, we explain some of our projects.

Command and control systems for Manufacturing processes. (Pharmaceutical industry, food
and beverage, chemical, cosmetic...). Design, construction and start up of control systems for reactors, granulators, mixers, tanks... We have developed an innovating control system of configurable automatic cycle control based on recipes, programmable routines and batch record (Batch). All meeting the rigorous standards of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration of EEUU.) FDA 21 CFR part11 y GAMP (ISPE).

Special equipments: Design, construction and start up of special machinery and equipments. Equipment for measurement and quality control, processing (manufacturing), packaging, equipment modification and adaptation.

Remote control systems. Remote control systems based on radio, GSM Mobile and GPRS. Intended for water management systems, land holdings covering large areas, control of installations and technical alarms (facilities management). Supervision through the internet.

Third-party integration of Equipments and machines.
Reconfigure complete lines of packaging equipment realising the integration of cartoning, labeling, etc.. We modify the equipment, adding conveyors, complementary supply installations (electric power, compressed air, vacuum) If special equipment is needed, we design, build and integrate as needed (tumblers, palletisers, etc.).